"I'd like to express my appreciation... I'd like to thank you, and all the staff members there, for their assistance. Thank you, all!"
Gail Sobel
Special Services
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Frostbyte Studios excels in business-focused flash design. From image-enhancing accent animations to highly-advanced online multimedia applications, Frostbyte Studios has a unique combination of experts and expertise to unleash the true power of Flash multimedia.

Flash multimedia is a very powerful and flexible medium. Yet it typically is misused, driven by a designer's hubris to create expensive modern art instead of effective business tools. Frostbyte Studios business-focused Flash design is anything but typical.

By combining world-class creative media with innovative programming functionality and sound business logic, Frostbyte Studios will transform your multimedia into an accelerated business tool for:
  • building brand awareness
  • increasing perceived value
  • enhancing customer experience
  • explaining complex concepts
  • delivering advanced functionality